Climate Efforts Falling Short

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Climate Efforts Falling Short, U.N. Panel Says

Delivering the latest stark news about climate change on Sunday, a United Nations panel warned that governments are not doing enough to avert profound risks in coming decades. But the experts found a silver lining: Not only is there still time to head off the worst, but the political will to do so seems to be rising around the world.

In a report unveiled here, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change found that decades of foot-dragging by political leaders had propelled humanity into a critical situation, with greenhouse emissions rising faster than ever. Though it remains technically possible to keep planetary warming to a tolerable level, only an intensive push over the next 15 years to bring those emissions under control can achieve the goal, the committee found.

“We cannot afford to lose another decade,” said Ottmar Edenhofer, a German economist and co-chairman of the committee that wrote the report. “If we lose another decade, it becomes extremely costly to achieve climate stabilization.”

The good news is that ambitious action is becoming more affordable, the committee found. It is increasingly clear that measures like tougher building codes and efficiency standards for cars and trucks can save energy and reduce emissions without harming people’s quality of life, the panel found. And the costs of renewable energy like wind and solar power are falling so fast that its deployment on a large scale is becoming practical, the report said.



5 thoughts on “Climate Efforts Falling Short

  1. I did recognize climate change nowadays. When I was in Vietnam, the weather has been so strange lately. It was colder in winter than ever before and flood occurred more frequently. Also, when I was in California last year, my relatives said that there was the coldest winter after many decades. Furthermore, even now, when I am living in Hawaii, which is considered one of places that have the best weather on the world, the weather seems so strange. My aunt said that this year is colder than usual and the frequent terrible windy weather is so weird too. Therefore, I do agree that we need to do something now. However, I think we are talking about global warming and climate change too much and seem less do some real actions. In my opinion, it is time to instruct people what to do instead of focusing to much on talking about the effect of global warming and climate change.

  2. I wasn’t worried about global warming too much. I just know the name (global warming), and little information about it. But recently, I realized what happens in the world. We should do something, but I don’t know what should I do exactly. As the article said, the costs of alternative energy are decreasing rapidly. Also, now almost everybody is aware of global warming. Therefore, we should do step by step from small things like buy green products, or something reduce greenhouse emissions.

  3. Global warming is one of serious problems. Recent years, we can see climate change easily anywhere. I didn’t go out over 86°F (30℃)so much in summer when I was young. Because it was rare on that time. But nowadays, in tokyo,Japan,it become regular temperature 93-97°F(34-36℃). Also,It has great squall in is strange. These are just example,it is not only in tokyo. it happened all over the world. I think, the nature has a balance and we, human, destroyed that balance. This is simple. If you realize strange smell in your house, you might open the window and try to find the cause. Then, you might figure it out. We just do same things as we can. At first, we need to act something we can do easily.Foe example,it works separating garbage or choosing recycle products even if we have to pay one more dollar. That is excuse if someone think that we need to wait amazing politics. It is hard to keep that motivation sometimes. But people never do something to mess their house so we better think same to the earth as our house:)

  4. In my opinion, I agree with this article. It’s important for us to protect our environment and to take over for the next generation. Nowaday, many reaserchers in Japan are doing researsh to develop alternative energies to protect our nature and to reduce the emission of Co2, for example, hydrogen, geothermal, water and cooking oil. However, there’ll be a big problem to solve. If these alternative energies are put to practical use, we’ll have to pay for a high monthly expense to use them. Because there’re a few facilities to supply them for our daily lives. According to the internet and TV news in Japan, it’ll take a long time to improve socioeconomic infrastructures for practical use of it. The advantages of these energies are that these alternative energies don’t emit Co2 and they’ll be expected to protect our enironment, to handle global warming and to supply alternative energies instead of oil comsumption. I’m hoping to achieve the practical use of them soon in our daily lives.

  5. Personally, someone should try dealing with “Global worming” and should also do that. So in the moral of Global Warming, I agree with expression of this article. However, in the fact, it is hard to say that “the action as dealing with solution with “Global Worming” is developing. In other words, while people already understand what people should do that, actually some people can not try that issue. For the one of the best reason, they, the human actually have a priority convenient life. People try changing the best life to inconvenient life? The convenient life actually mentions having control “Time”. For having priority the own life, they want to be short time schedule. ”This is convenient life”. Maybe they can get time, they waste the resource. For instance that, can the business man commute by car change to commute the bicycle? If they have a time to commute, they can do it. However, they do not have any time. Current life of people is usually time is the center in life. Also, if the product cars and electro product for convenient life decrease, the economic will go down and life of people may be declining. In my opinion, people cannot actually change life style-for time, so the kind tools and material, the cause the Global warming, also need to change for people.

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